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Eco Ambient Hotel

In the Val di Ledro, in southern Trentino, the idea of the Eco Ambient Hotel Elda was born, a project created by our deep respect for the surrounding nature, in the belief that nature is our greatest asset to be respected and delivered, as intact as possible, to future generations as a precious gift. It was born from the dream of creating an environmentally friendly building, with minimum impact on the nature around us.



To create an ethic for the environment and to conceive nature as a precious jewel to be jealously preserved



We made use of the most modern technologies for energy conservation and for litter reduction.



Live an “eco” life every day if you can; it’s it is a matter of gestures and habits. Here are some tips



Attention for detail, pleasure for elegance, research for style

Our Hotel

Set in the green oasis of the Val di Ledro, where the fascination of the Ledro Lake meets the enchanted world of the Trentino Alps, Eco Ambient Hotel is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday. Far from the stress of everyday life, you can relax, enjoy sport activities in the open air, and be in contact with a pure and uncontaminated nature.

It is our philosophy and our mission to create an ethic for the environment and treat nature as a precious jewel to be jealously preserved. Respecting the environment means respecting ourselves as human beings.
All these ideas are the reason Eco Ambient Hotel Elda tries to spread the love of nature, the idea of sustainable tourism, of and make wellness and fun as Eco possible

Our Rooms



The traditional is a pretty and elegant double room with traditional furniture, chestnut floor, and has every comfort: bathroom/shower, hairdryer, courtesy set, soft bathrobe and slippers, internet connection, telephone, mini-bar, SAT-TV, safe.



The eco room is an elegant and spacious double room with a modern design, natural oak floor, balcony, shower, hairdryer, courtesy set, soft bathrobe and slippers, internet connection, telephone, mini-bar, SAT-TV, safe.

Deluxe Bio Room

The bio junior suite is a comfortable double room, very accurate, spacious and full of light, with a small lounge, natural oak floor, shower, hairdryer, courtesy set, soft bathrobe and slippers, internet connection, telephone, mini-bar, SAT-TV, safe

The Spa

The Spa of the Elda Eco Ambient Hotel is ready to give you relaxing and regenerating moments:

  • Bio-Sauna
  • Turkish bath
  • Aromatic shower with chromo therapy
  • Relaxing area

The SPA is open from 4 p.m. to 19.30 p.m.

Moreover, in the garden of the Hotel there are at your disposal:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Swimming pool

Special and personalized treatments, Thai massages, energy treatments with oil and stones, Pilates sessions with personal trainer, introduction to the martial arts and much more is awaiting you at the Elda Eco Ambient Hotel.

-the treatments of the beauty area must be booked in advance


Our restaurant is older than our hotel. It was 1949 when our grandmother Elda decided to open a small restaurant in her family house. Since then, many years have been passing, but we never forgot our bond with our region and with our past. In the Restaurant “Da Elda” you can taste the dishes of our old culinary tradition, revisited with creativity and competence, using high quality ingredients from the region.

The Restaurant

“dell’Elda” restaurant is older than our hotel. In 1949 Grandma Elda decided to open a restaurant in Val di Ledro in the family home. Since then, many years have passed, but we never forgot the bond with our home and our past. In restaurant “dell’Elda” you can sample dishes of forgotten flavors, recreated by Andrea with creativity and skill, using the highest quality locally sourced raw materials.

Wine Bar

Taste wine with eyes, nose, palate and you will feel a sense of pleasure. Savour our typical local wines and the national choice wines. Allow you a very evocative moment.

Wine Bar and more.. in the bar of Elda, besides good wines, you can taste beers from micro Italian breweries, together with delicious snacks, in a magic and exclusive atmosphere.

Sport and Relax

The Ledro Valley is a favorite destination for enthusiasts of active holiday and sports in general. We can advise you or help you organize independent or guided trips through collaboration with industry professionals who can help you to fully enjoy our splendid surroundings.

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